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United Outcomes stands by your side, working together every step of the way with you, to deliver business resilience, enduring value, and protecting growth. Collaboratively, we can contribute to making your business well-prepared for the future—a future characterised by scalability and security.

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About us

Building Strategic and Operational Resilience Together

At United Outcomes, our purpose is building a safer world for businesses and people in high-risk sectors including Hospitality and Leisure, Brick and Mortar Retail, Oil and Gas as well as Energy and Utilities.

We empower businesses and individuals by enhancing their safety and resilience.

Our tailored services instil confidence among investors, leaders, employees, partners, and customers in organisations that frequently face critical incidents, from violent individual occurrences through to organised crime and large-scale critical events.

Our unique history in counterterrorism, mass critical incidents, public and staff safety as well as operational resilience sets us apart from traditional consultancy – in fact, every member of the United Outcomes team possesses a minimum of 20 years of subject matter experience in the field.

We work in close collaboration with our clients to ensure their objectives are met in a sustainable and scalable way keeping governance, regulation and compliance at the heart of every delivery.


The Steps to Change Start Here


Organisations require impartial, hands-on guidance from individuals who have first-hand experience.


Collaborating seamlessly with you and your teams, providing support, fostering communication, and co-creating solutions together.


Infusing portfolio expertise and tools to enhance the value derived from Project Management Office (PMO) outputs.


Guiding organisations through project initiation, execution, and capability building.


Post-implementation, facilitating operational support to expedite progress and cultivate new capabilities on a larger scale.



A unique approach to Operations, Security & Transformation


Business Resilience and Recovery

Our Business Resilience and Recovery solution encompasses a comprehensive set of services aimed at fortifying organisations against various challenges. Beginning with a Resilience and Recovery Audit, the solution evaluates existing structures and strategies against potential threats, risks and harm. Terrorism Risk Planning and Training ensure preparedness for potential threats, while Disaster Management Planning and Crisis Management protocols provide a robust framework for responding to unforeseen events. Critical Incident Management ensures swift and effective responses, while Governance & Compliance measures are integrated to maintain regulatory adherence. Together, these components create a holistic approach to business resilience, addressing both proactive planning and reactive response strategies


Public Safety

Our Public Safety and Emergency Response solutions are designed to prioritise and enhance safety across various aspects of an organisation. Focused on individual safety, the solution emphasises creating a secure workplace environment. Additionally, Customer and Visitor Safety measures, in alignment with the Protect Duty initiative, ensure the well-being of external stakeholders. The solution incorporates Safety Assessment/Audit processes to evaluate and improve safety protocols systematically. Through this comprehensive approach, organisations can establish and maintain a robust health and safety framework, fostering a secure environment for both internal and external participants


Business Security

Our Business Security solution is a multifaceted approach aimed at safeguarding organisations from various threats. Counter-Corruption measures and Financial Crimes Investigations are integral components, addressing potential risks to the financial integrity of the business. Regulatory and Compliance Security Audits ensure adherence to industry standards and legal requirements, bolstering the organisation's overall security posture. The solution also encompasses the formulation of a Security Strategy, providing a proactive framework to identify, assess, and mitigate security risks. By combining these elements, the Business Security solution offers a robust defence against corruption, financial crimes, and other security challenges, promoting a secure and compliant business environment.


Leadership & Negotiation Training

Our Leadership & Negotiations solutions tailored to enhance organisational capabilities and skills across various critical domains. Negotiations and Leadership Training equip personnel with the expertise needed to address and prevent corrupt practices effectively. Decision Making, Intelligence, Negotiation, and Persuasion training contribute to the cultivation of strategic decision-making skills and effective communication. Additionally, Collaborative Working training fosters teamwork and cooperation within the organisation. This comprehensive Training solution aims to empower individuals and teams with the knowledge and skills essential for ethical conduct, effective leadership, and collaborative success within the workplace.

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Learn how we can meet your critical needs

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